If your account is not yet verified, you use only 60% of the opportunities that ALS FX provides to you. Verification of the trading account is mandatory. The procedure for verifying the trading account is simple enough, all you need is to download a copy of your passport or any other document that proves your identity. After your document has been successfully downloaded and sent, the information you provide will be verified. Within 72 working hours, after sending, a letter will come to your e-mail address, which either confirms that your trading account will receive a verified status, or ask you for additional documents necessary for your verification.

There are two levels of verification: the first and the second one. For each level of verification, there are different rules for assigning the status. In order to obtain the second level of verification, you need to get a verified account of the first level. All detailed information on the verification of trading accounts can be found in your account in the "Verification of the Trading Account" section.

Basic Requirements for Loaded Documents:

1. The copy should be colored and clear.

2. The image must contain all necessary pages (including the corners or edges of the lamination).

  • The identification card must be scanned from both sides.
  • If by law the passport does not change after reaching a certain age, and a photo is added into it or the expiration date is added, then a copy of this page should also be downloaded.
  • if the name in the passport is indicated in two languages, but the data is on different pages of the document, then both pages must be scanned.

3. The image should not contain explicit erasures, additions, crossed out words or other unspecified corrections, traces of graphic editing.

4. The photo on the document should be of good quality.

5. The name (s) in the account and the name in the document must completely match.

6. At one of the levels of verification of the trading account, a document confirming the address must be provided. The address in the account and the document must completely match.

7. The document must be valid at the time of the request (the validity period of the identity documents must end no less than 6 months after the date of the application for verification), and also contain all appropriate seals and signatures.

8. The same document cannot be loaded into two levels of verification. *

9. If the account is opened for a legal entity, documents confirming the company registration must be downloaded to confirm the verification. **

10. Acceptable file formats are: .png, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif and .pdf. The file size should not exceed 2 MB, the resolution should not exceed 3000 pixels.

11. Electronic bank statements and electronic utility bills cannot be accepted for verification. Bank statements can be accepted only if authorized employees of the bank sign the document, utility bills should be loaded together with a check about payment of the bill.

12. You cannot specify a name in uppercase. Only the first letters of the name should be capitalized.

* The requirement that the same document cannot be accepted for two levels of verification is also extended if the client provides the same page of the passport for the first and second level of verification. I would like to note that this requirement does not extend, if it is a question about the first page of the passport and the page with the residence permit. That is, if the main page of the passport and the passport page with a residence permit are provided at the first level, then it is possible to re-load the passport page with a residence permit for the second level. Although, this is one document, but these pages of the passport are sufficient to obtain the highest level.

** If the account is opened for a legal entity, in order to pass the first level of verification it is required to download documents confirming the registration of the company. For the second level, it is necessary to provide a document certifying the legal entity on which the account is registered.

Documents for the first level:

a) Constitutive documents (articles of association, memorandum of association or their analogues);

b) Documents confirming the state registration of a legal entity (registration certificate, certificate of incorporation, etc.);

c) Document confirming the authority of the head (decision, protocol on election of the head, certificate of officials, etc.).

Documents for the second level:

a) Scanned copy of the passport of the person authorized to trade on the account (or the head, if the head trades);

b) Power of attorney for transactions on a trading account (if the head of the organization is not trading).