Bonus +

Bonus + is a program that is developed for traders who trade independently or with the help of an adviser, this program is made in order to support the customer's deposit in a crisis situation.

The company offers its customers a unique offer: a bonus of up to 50% interest on the deposit. This means that with a deposit of $ 5,000, the company will add another $ 2,500 to your account.

Terms of the Offer:

  • The minimum deposit for which the bonus is credited is $ 500.
  • Withdrawal of funds from a deposit is possible only after reaching the volume of transactions 10,000 times the amount of the bonus. If funds are withdrawn before this condition is met, the entire amount of the bonus must be returned (including earnings received with the bonus), and the account is closed. The total volume is calculated taking into account the leverage.
  • Bonuses are credited after receiving all required documents confirming the identity of the customer (verification).
  • ALS FX reserves the right to terminate the offer at any time.
  • When the bonus is credited, the volume of transactions opened in different sections as well as those opened for less than three minutes, is not taken into account.
  • In the absence of activity on the trading account for a period of more than three months, the company has the right to debit the bonus funds.
  • In the event of suspicion of fraud with the processing or use of the bonus, the bonus can be canceled, and the trading result is canceled.
  • To get more information of the details of the offer, you may contact your account manager or call the company's incoming line or write in an online chat.
  • Higher bonuses are possible for VIP clients. Ask your account manager for details.
  • In order to receive a bonus, you need to open a trading account: an account opening button.

BONUS + Program

BONUS + program applies to the type of account: Universal, Standard, Standard + Crypto.

Terms and conditions for obtaining a bonus


Replenishment amount:

$500 - $999

First replenishment


to the amount of

Second and subsequent


to the amount of