ALS FX gives you the opportunity to try yourself as a trader without jeopardizing your capital!

The DEMO = REAL program opens the opportunity for you to get first profit without risking your deposit.

The DEMO = REAL program applies only to new customers’ deposits from $ 500 to $ 10,000

The DEMO = REAL program applies to customers who have previously confirmed their participation. When working with an account, a company adviser works with you, helping you learn the basics of exchange trading and provides you with recommendations for opening positions on your account.

The DEMO = REAL program offers the opportunity to double earnings on transactions within the program period. In case of loss, if you have lost money on the DEMO account, you have the right to withdraw your deposit. The crediting of the company's funds to the customer's trading account within the program is equal to the bonus and cannot exceed the deposit amount for participation in this program.

Withdrawing funds from a deposit is possible only after reaching a volume of transactions 10,000 times the amount of the bonus. If the funds are withdrawn before this condition is met, the entire amount of the bonus will have to be returned (including earnings received with the bonus), and the account is closed. The total volume is calculated taking into account the leverage.

Bonuses are credited after receiving all required documents confirming the identity of the customer.

With the DEMO = REAL program, you get the opportunity to trade on a demo account and all the money will be credited to your real account.

Conditions of the offer:

  • You activate a real account from $ 500 up to $ 10, 000and you get an extra amount on your demo - account.
  • You can work with the demo - account for 2 weeks.
  • By the expiration of the period, the profit from the demo - account will be credited on your real account.

* Only profit is accrued on the real deposit account, loss is not fixed.

* The profit credited in the amount of up to 100% of the amount involved in this offer.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us in any convenient way.