Customer Money Insurance

When you open an account with us, we keep your assets in accordance with the rules for the protection of funds of clients of the Financial Action Authority in Italy (CONSOB). According to these rules, we deposit the funds of each customer on a separate segregated bank account.

Customer money insurance

  • All client funds are placed on separate client bank accounts, in accordance with the rules for handling client funds established by the Office of the Financial Regulation and Supervision of Italy.
  • For hedging operations, ALS FX uses its own funds. Customer funds are not used for this purpose
  • ALS FX does not transfer customer funds to partners performing hedging operations
  • ALS FX does not open speculative positions in the market
  • ALS FX does not have corporate or government debt
  • ExpoTrade is regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority CONSOB.
  • ALS FX does not invest retail clients in investment projects

Financial Services Compensation

The Financial Services Compensation Program (IS) is a compensation fund in Belgium for clients from authorized firms providing financial services. If the firm becomes bankrupt or stops trading, Intesa Sanpaolo can pay compensation to its customers. Intesa Sanpaolo covers the business under the management of companies authorized by the National Commission for Companies and Stock Exchanges in Italy (CONSOB).

ALS FX customers will fall under the category of "investment" claims, whereby insurance is up to 75,000 euros sterling per person and firm. If the client holds an account with an authorized investment firm and there is a shortage of funds and operations between the client and the broker, they can still receive up to EUR 75,000 as compensation. If ALS FX ceases to exist, customers whose funds are held in separate accounts will receive a refund of shares of a separate cash pool, minus administrative costs for processing and distribution of these funds. If there is a shortage later, individuals have the right to compensation under the compensation program in the financial services sector.