For the customers of ALS FX, the trade with the new BTCUSD tool (#Bitcoin) has become available. Trading is held in CFD mode without real delivery, which allows you to profit from the change in the rate of the today’s most progressive currency.

Control profit and loss

Notifications of prices and stop orders, such as a stop-loss and a trailing stop will help you manage the risks in the trading of these highly volatile instruments.

Trade with a crypto currency with a leverage

ALS FX offers trading with a leverage up to 1:10. The minimum amount of $ 100 allows you to use the capital of $ 10,000!

Overview of TOP-6 crypto currencies

Now, let’s talk about the crypto currency in general. On the internet you can easily find web-sites where you can see every cryptocurrency capitalization circulated on the crypto-exchange, its current price in US dollars, the graph of price changes, the number of currency circulating in the currency market. Such statistics will hardly help new comers understand that much, but it will give at least a general idea of what's going on.

We will briefly talk about several crypto-currencies included in the TOP-50 in terms of capitalization: what are their essence, advantages.

1. Bitcoin

An analogy from the real world is gold.

We will tell in more detail about Bitcoins compared to other cryptocurrency because the Bitcoin crypto industry has become the standard by primogeniture. In other words, this currency appeared first in the market, and therefore it occupies (so far) the first place in terms of popularity, capitalization and exchange rate relative to the US dollar. All other currencies, which appeared later, began to be called altcoins, and bitcoin is still a benchmark, from which all are repelled.

Bitcoin is a crypto currency that can only be sent, received and stored. Bitcoin in the world of cryptocurrencies is an analogue of the classical means of saving to which everybody has already got used.

2. Ethereum

An analogy from the real world is the new Microsoft or the new Amazon.

"Ether" begins to press bitcoin in terms of popularity. Probably, this currency has more prospects. If bitcoin can act only as a means of exchange and storage, then Ethereum has a number of advantages. The main thing is the ability to create smart contracts. Now, this platform is the most popular in the world in the construction of the block-chain economy, and is used with numerous ICOs.

3. Ripple

An analogy from the real world is the new VISA.

The project team is trying to make a new payment system so that it can make payments in all currencies. The advantage of this currency is that it is used by banks. However, it is not decentralized. Coins cannot be mined, that is, their number does not increase. Ripple has a huge speed advantage over BTC and ETH, but the operations are not so transparent. For the classical banking system, it is normal, anonymity has never been welcomed there.

4. Litecoin

An analogy from the real world is platinum, which is cheaper than gold.

Absolute analog of the bitcoin. It is faster and steeper in all respects, but it just turned out to be the second. It is worth buying in terms of diversifying investments in bitcoins. But there is nothing from the point of view of innovation.

5. Ethereum Classic

An analogy from the real world is Alibaba (not Amazon).

Alibaba is the largest online store with a multi-billion dollar turnover. But you should still understand that it is still not as cool as Amazon. Classic may even be more expensive than regular Ethereum, but there are some nuances. ETC appeared after the hard fork of Ethereum, which occurred last fall, and it is still not trusted in the crypto community. The main attention is still paid to ETH, and all the iconic projects are being conducted on this platform.

6. Dash and NEM

NEM is mainly circulated in Japan, where it is officially allowed to buy and sell goods for crypto currency. The number of coins is always one less than 9 billion, additional emission is not provided, so there is no mining, but there is a so-called harvesting.

A major jump in the NEM course occurred in May, when the closed Mijin platform was created on the basis of NEM, through which Japanese banks can conduct secure transactions. NEM is built on the example of bitcoin, but there are no fundamental differences in architecture.

Dash is a crypto currency, whose transactions are completely anonymous.

Naturally, both currencies work faster than the bitcoin and have a number of software advantages.