ALS FX Managing Trader

Many of those who are starting to work in international markets are facing the problem of lack of knowledge or the time for learning all the tiny details of the financial structure and profit-gaining. The ALS FX "Managing Trader" Service has been created specifically to save the time and effort to study the characteristics of trade, while increasing the efficiency of investments, entrusting assets to professional traders. However, the whole team of highly qualified experts of ALS FX, rather than one person, will work with you. The team includes a personal trader, a group of financial analysts of international markets, risk managers.

Working conditions:

  • Deposit from $ 20,000
  • Investment period from 6 months
  • Withdrawal of profit is available every accounting period


  • Historical profitability of 10% per month
  • Safety: under the supervision of risk experts
  • Transparency: description of each strategy and reporting on the results of work

By ordering the Managing Trader service, you can be sure of the integrity and effectiveness of our traders, because their earnings will largely depend on the success of the investments made. The cost of the "Managing Trader" service includes:

  • payment for the result: its size is 5-30% of the earned profit;
  • service fee: a monthly fee of 2% of the average cost of an investment account per year.

Payment for the service is charged each month, payment by results is made at the end of the billing period.

Please note:

If the amount of funds is less than $20,000, a joint account is formed with other customers of the company to form a minimum starting amount of $20,000. The minimum amount to be included in the joint account is $ 1,000.

For this type of management, the following terms apply:

  • Additional investments (replenishment of the account) can be made at any time.
  • The withdrawal of funds can be made only after the end of the asset management program agreed with all participants. (once a quarter)
  • The company can reject the request for withdrawal of funds in the following cases: the account has pending transactions, the management program has not expired, there are not enough funds on the account.

Remuneration of traders depends on the amount of management:

The amount of the investor's personal funds under management% of profit of trader's reward
from 1 000$-1999$35%
from 2 000$-4999$25%
from 5 000$-9999$20%
from 10 000$-49999$15%
from 50000$ and more10%