CurrencyCodeYear of appearanceAuthorActivitySiteMaximum issueMarket capitalization (million dollars as at April 2017)
BitcoinBTC, XBТ2009Satoshi NakamotoYesbitcoin.org21 million19 072
EthereumETH2015Vitalii ButerinYesethereum.orgN/A3937
RippleXRP2005, 2011Ripple Labs Inc.Yesripple.comN/A1195
LitecoinLTC2011CobleeYeslitecoin.org84 million517
PeercoinPPC2012Sunny KingYesppcoin.orgno upper limit17
NXTNXT2013BCNextYesnxt.org1 млрд13


As at January 1, 2016 the price of 1 Bitcoin amounted to USD 385. As at January 1, 2017 the price was USD 940. At the date, the price ranges USD 5400 - USD 5900. This shows the attractiveness of this tool for investors.

Example of calculating the return on investment:

On January 1, 2016 you invested USD 10000 to buy Bitcoins. As at January 1, 2017, the value of your investment assets would have amounted to USD 2441.56. As at October 1, 2017, this figure would have risen to 114 285, 74 USD.

Conclusion: Investments in the amount of USD 10,000 for 21 months would bring you a net profit USD 104285.74.

Bitcoin exchange rate forecast for 2018 is ambiguous.

All experts in the issue of further development of bitcoins are divided into two large camps, some believe that it will collapse, while others think that it will sharply go up. They both have enough arguments to prove their points.

Let us first see what affects the rate of Bitcoin?

Demand growth plays an important role in matters of monetary units falling and growing, this also applies to cryptocurrency. If a slow increase or depreciation is traced, that means that the players began to buy Bitcoins, the same thing, but in a sharp form, mean that pumper is coming.

Both groups of people who have a sufficient number of assets exert such influence on the processes of growth and decline. They react quickly to the behavior of traders and when necessary create the illusion of increasing the rate.

Convulsive purchase of Bitcoins becomes the consequence of such decision. Once all of this is happening, the pumper dramatically throws off assets and reduces the cost to a minimum.

It can be followed by a growth, because it is preceded by an increase in popularity of such cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin story is rich in such fluctuations, there have been cases where negative news are specially invented and produced in the media, hoping to derail the course and capitalizing on it.

There is a significant difference between such concepts as discharge, falling and adjustment. First, the rate adjustment is inevitable (it simply does not happen in another way) and, second, it is on what money is earned. When the global trend is upward, the currency is purchased on drawdowns; with a downward trend the currency is sold when it is adjusted upwards. Why am I talking about traders and adjustments? It just depends on the mood of traders. Rather, the mood of major players in the market. The whole point is that as long as people believe in and buy cryptocurrency, it will work, because it is like nothing else depends on the demand.

Bitcoin exchange rate forecast for 2018

Many experts’ opinion on the rate of Bitcoin for summer 2018 is quite contrasting: either the cryptocurrency collapses, being unable to cope with the pressure of the global financial system, or skyrockets, breaking all the old stereotypes and firmly establishing the cryptocurrency niche worldwide.

There are experts who have dared to speak of a sharp rise in the Bitcoin rate in summer 2018.Among them, the creator of a web-bot program predicts the value of one Bitcoin to be $ 13,000. Reasoning in this way, he relies on the collapse of the banking system, the emergence of problems in access to cash.

As soon as the banking system demonstrates its weakness, it will increase the need for cryptocurrency, and accordingly increase their rates.

But this is only one expert’s point of view. In the middle of 2017 in Japan there was a crazy demand for cryptocurrency, she became an official means of payment in some service industries. Such behavior was the impetus for the increase rate to a mark of $ 1,000 per 1 unit of Bitcoin.

In China, the situation is completely contrary. There they have introduced a stringent policy on the regulation of cryptocurrency turnover, so most of the buyers have gone to the Japanese market. All this may cause a slow decline in the next year's rate. All experts were divided into two camps in the issue of further development of Bitcoin, some believe that it will fail, others hope it will dramatically go up.

Bitcoin forecast average rate for 2018

It would be foolish not to take into account the popularity of the digital currency, when trillions of US dollars have already been invested. This is one reason why not only leading experts and traders, but also ordinary citizens who are in search of where in times of crisis they can get a huge additional revenue, are so much interested in the Bitcoin rate.

Recognition of the commercial market causes constant the growth of cryptocurrency, the biggest jump was in 2017, when Bitcoin can be bought for $ 3,000. In addition, it may tomorrow receive a state support, as it has been state in Putin's statement, which means that Bitcoin will become an official payment system, but it will lose anonymity and this may affect the demand and, consequently, the rate.

Is it worth keeping to save in Bitcoins in 2018?

There is no consensus on the issue of what to expect from cryptocurrency today and tomorrow. Someone says that the currency will continue to grow, while others predict depreciation and disappearance of Bitcoin. The whole point is that as long as people believe in and buy cryptocurrency, it will work, because it is like nothing else depends on the demand.

You cannot create an infinite number of Bitcoin, the currency is limited to 21 million, it cannot be obtained in the form of money, it can only be mined and huge capacities are spent on. Any investment is at some degree of risk, possibly for a few more years ahead this risk is significantly lower with cryptocurrency than with euro or US dollar.


As at August 1, 2016 the price of 1 Litecoin was USD 3.8. As at January 1, 2-17 the price was USD 4. The maximum price was fixed on August 1, 2017 and it was USD 73. To the date, the price ranges from 50 USD to USD 65. it again talks about the attractiveness of this tool for investors.

Example of calculating the return on investment:

On August 1, 2016 you have invested USD 10,000 into buying Litecoins. As at August 1, 2017 the value of your investment assets would amount to USD 19,2105.26.

Conclusion: Investments in the amount of USD 10,000 for 12 months would bring you a net profit of 18,2105.26 USD.

Litecoin forecast prices for 2018

Many people believe that in 2018 Litecoin costs will rise to the level of 200 - 220 US dollars. In other words, by the end of this year it will grow to $ 100, and in the next summer it will be twice that much.

In its report for August, analyst Ronnie Moas said Litecoin would double its price from 40 to 80 dollars. Now, this cryptocurrency is worth of $ 75, so our forecast seems to be very close to reality.

Moreover, Litecoin is one of the few cryptocurrencies the capitalization of which is calculated in the billions. To the date, its market capitalization is $ 3.5 billion, and a month ago, the figure was 2.18 billion US dollars. With the growing popularity, many large cryptocurrency exchanges allowed trading with Litecoins that positively affected its credibility.

Cleef High, an expert in cryptocurrency, adds, that if the LTC cryptocurrency will continue to develop at the same pace, then soon it will dominate the midrange coins.

In general, the forecasts of Litecoin is more than optimistic. If you buy a few coins now, you probably will not lose anything.