The priority of the ALS FX activities is primarily the reliability and safety of our customers' funds. That is why, our investment programs, first of all, are aimed at eliminating risks and only in the second place at maximizing profitability.

Savings Account

If we are talking about the investment business, the main issue is the safety and profitability of investments. In terms of profitability, the leading positions are taken by the international currency, stock and commodity markets. The security of investments is the main priority of the banking system. After carrying out an in-depth analysis of the banking system and international markets, it becomes clear that high-income bank deposits cannot be expected, especially for the period of the whole year. International markets, with a high profit potential, still have a share of the risk.

ALS FX experts have devoted a lot of time to the development of an investment-saving account. We’ve tried to unite the safety of the bank deposit and the profitability of international trade. This account has been successfully tested and is now available to anyone who wants to work towards accumulating assets. Now you may not worry about the safety of your deposits and successfully use dividends, which are three times higher than any bank interest rate. The investment account program will fit everyone due to its availability. ALS FX experts, having studied the wishes of customers and the experience of the banking system, offer the following types of accounts:

1. Opening an account for one year:

Type of accumulation accountAnnual account yieldTerm of withdrawal of funds
Quarterly17% per annumEvery 3 месяца
Half-yearly21% per annumEvery 6 months
Annual29% per annumEvery year

2. Opening an account for 3 years:

Type of accumulation accountAnnual account yieldTerm of withdrawal of funds
Quarterly21% per annumEvery 3 месяца
Half-yearly26% per annumEvery 6 months
Annual39% per annumEvery year

3. Opening an account for 5 years:

Type of accumulation accountAnnual account yieldTerm of withdrawal of funds
Quarterly27% per annumEvery 3 месяца
Half-yearly32% per annumEvery 6 months
Annual48% per annumEvery year

The opening of these accounts creates a high percentage of annual profits, and most importantly the security of your investments. The minimum recommended amount for opening any account is $ 500. Replenishment of the account is available at any time without restrictions. When the contract is prolonged, the current rate is increased by 5%, provided that the profit is reinvested.